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WPC Crust Foam Board Making Machinery

Brand :Champion

Product origin :China(Shanghai)

Delivery time :90-120days

Supply capacity :10 machines/month

1. Always focus on Researching, Developing, Designing and Manufacturing the high grade & high efficiency of plastic Sheet/Board Extrusion machine.
2. Coat-hanger die uses double throttling design to make sheet thickness accurate.
3. Temperature can be precisely controlled within ±1 °C.
4. Three-roll calender: horizontal, vertical or tilted arrangement, adjustable roll gap.
5. Independent roller temperature control system is able to make sheet thickness uniformity.
6. Winder is equipped with high quality torque motor,it can adjust rewinding speed and tension.
7. This sheet production line has automatic meter counter to set the length of sheet.

WPC Crust Foam Board Making Machinery:

Foam Board Making Machine

General Conditions of Machine:

  Power supply:

380V /3 phase/ 50 Hz

  Raw Material:


  Sheet thickness:


  Net width of sheet:


  Layer structure of sheet:


  Extruding capacity:


  Install/consumption of power: 


  Compressed air:

1M3 / h,  0.6—0.9Mpa

  Cooling water:

12M3 / h;  25℃

  Machine size:

L22M X W5M X H3M

  Machine weight:

About 28 tons


Three 40’-HQ

  Control Method:

Siemens PLC 12" (touch screen Monitor)

Applications of Sheet Made by Machine:

WPC Co-extrusion crust foam board by the lasted technology,color and hardness of surface can be adjusted to the requirements,the middle layer can be all recycle material for saving much cost.

PVC crust foam board surface is smooth and the hardness is very high.it is difficult to be scratched,widely used in office furniture,kitchen cabinets,bathroom cabinets and condole roof decoration building,etc.It is a good replacement of wood,aluminium board,composite board,MDF board,polywood board etc.

WPC Crust Foam Board Making Machine Board Making Machinery 

Factory of Sheet / Board Extrusion Machines:

Foam Board Making Machine WPC Crust Foam Board Making Machine

Board Making Machinery Foam Board Making Machine

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