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  • PET Sheet Extruder Machine

    PET Sheet Extruder Machine

    1. Profession: CHAMPION only makes plastic extrusion machine since 2011s, extensive experience, and professional team ensure our leading position in plastic extruder industry. 2. Quality: The quality of products is footstone of enterprise's constant development, always endeavoring to do still better, quality comes first, developing & innovative is our responsibilities; 3. Delivery: We optimize factory management, and improve production flow so as to shorten production period for you in biggest extent; 4. Service: We supply perfect overseas service. We shall send engineers to overseas for extrusion machine installation and commissioning and test production guide, and also training to the workers of the buyer. And we are ready to give technical support anytime.

  • PP PS HIPS Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machine

    PP PS HIPS Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machine

    1. Adopting the oversea advanced technology to make the optimization design with big screw L/D ratio and high production capacity. 2. To change the filter net by full-auto hydraulic changing filter net, easy and fast. 3. The upper and lower roll wheel of 3-roll calendar are adopted the hydraulic moving, the pressure can be adjusted, suitable for the different materials. 4. Adopting double station center winding for the winding device, matched the magnetic powder tension control.

  • ABS HIPS Sheet Production Machine

    ABS HIPS Sheet Production Machine

    1. HIPS sheet extrusion machine mainly used to produce PP, HIPS, GPPS, PE sheet and other packing material. 2. HIPS sheet extruder is composed of 6 parts, there are extruder part, filter part, Die-head part, three rollers part, and traction part, rewinding part. 3. HIPS sheet extrusion line is equipped 45-degree three-roller calendar, with high performance vented extruder, die, screen change system, cooling rocket, haul-off unit, cutting unit and etc. 4. Coat hanger type die with two throttle design enable to regulate the sheet thickness accurately . 5. This sheet extrusion line is equipped 45-degree three-roller calendar, with high performance vented extruder, die, screen change system, cooling rocket, haul-off unit, cutting unit and etc. 6. Sheet thickness can be regulated by screw and processing roller. 7. Separated roller temperature control system to control the temperature of the processing roller to gain even sheet thickness. 8. Winder with big torque motor and the speed and tension force is adjustable. 9. Automatic metering device can pre-set the length of the product. 10. Select different plastic to produce the compound sheet with different colors according to different products. 11. Advanced hydraulic pressure, high-speed net changing fittings without stopping the machine. 12. Screw designed based on mixing plasticization function.

  • Plastic Thermoforming Machine

    Plastic Thermoforming Machine

    Design Feature: 1. Multi Stations Thermoforming Machine is equipped with Forming-Cutting-Stacking, which is widely used for plastic packagers manufacturing industry with fully automatic production. 2. The stacking station and sheet feeding are controlled by servomotor. 3. It adopts PLC control system, which makes the machine automatically working operation easily and convenient.

  • PET Thermoforming Film/Sheet Of Food Packaging

    PET Thermoforming Film/Sheet Of Food Packaging

    Main Features Descriptions:
 high chemical stability, fine anti-fire, super-transparent.
 high UV. stabilized, good mechanical properties, high hardness and strength,
 well aging resistance, good self- extinguishing property and reliable insulativity.
• waterproof and has very good smooth surface, and is non deformable.
 Anti-statics, anti-UV, anti-sticky.

  • PP Conductive Film/Sheet Of Electric Packaging

    PP Conductive Film/Sheet Of Electric Packaging

    Main Features Descriptions:
 1. High thermal conductive performance;
 2. Low thermal resistance; 3. flatness, glossy, and color-rich.
 4. High Quality Conductive coating. 5. Durable: high quality, water-proof, folding, easy-shaped, light weight, impact resistant, damp proof and so on.
 6. Environment-friendly: easy cleaning, non-toxic, antiseptic and recyclable.

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    CIE(Shanghai)is a high-tech enterprise which is specilizing in the production of high performance Plastics Plate/Sheet Extrusion Machines. Such as APET/GPET/CPET/PLA Sheet Extrusion machines, PP/HIPS Sheet Extrusion Machines, ABS Sheet extrusion Machines, PC sheet extrusion machines, PVC sheet Extrusion machines, PC/PMMA/GPPS/MS Board Extrusion Machines, PC/PP/PE hollow Extrusion Machines, PC/PET/PVC Corrugation Extrusion Machines,ABS+PMMA/ABS+PC board Extrusion machines, ABS/HIPS/PE/PP Board Extrusion Machines, and so on. The final products are widely used for Thermoforming products of disposable cups,food boxes,tray of food,tray of electric, medcine etc.; decorations; refriegerator; suitcase; bathtube,...

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