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HDPE LDPE LLDPE Sheet Extrusion Machine

Brand :Champion

Product origin :China(Shanghai)

Delivery time :3 months

Supply capacity :10 machines/month

1. Well made high quality extruder with special structure helical gear reducer and high efficiency converter motors, high output capacity;
2. High precise T-type extrusion die head, independent oil temperature control chromed 3-roller calender, uniform speed and high traction force NBR roller haul-off machine help making uniform thickness PP PE sheet;
3. Whole line with high degree of automation, easy to operate;
4. High quality steel materials, strict producing process make high quality line;
5. New energy saving technology, lowered energy consumption;
6. Whole line adopt advanced design concept, using well known brand electrical components, enhanced line stability.

HDPE LDPE LLDPE Sheet Extrusion Machine:

Extrusion Machine

General Conditions of Machine:

  Raw Material:


  Sheet thickness:


  Net width of sheet:


  Layer structure of sheet:

Mono-layer and Multi-layers

  Extruding capacity:


  Install/consumption of power: 


  Compressed air:

1M3 / h, 0.6—0.9Mpa

  Cooling water:

12M3 / h; 25℃

  Machine size:

L22M X W5M X H3M

  Machine weight:

About 28 tons


Three 40’-HQ

  Control Method:

Siemens PLC 12" (touch screen Monitor)

Applications of Sheet Made by Machine:

Widely used in cars, trains, airports, hotels and other public places, as well as home decoration, the tunnel drainage, foundation moisture-proof, leak-proof, landfill engineering field, construction site, swimming pool, reservoir, etc. 

Extruding Machine Floor Decorative sheet Extrusion Extrusion Machine

Factory of Sheet / Board Extrusion Machines:

Extruding Machine Floor Decorative sheet Extrusion

Extrusion Machine Extruding Machine

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