• Plastic Thermoforming Machine

    Plastic Thermoforming Machine

    Design Feature: 1. Multi Stations Thermoforming Machine is equipped with Forming-Cutting-Stacking, which is widely used for plastic packagers manufacturing industry with fully automatic production. 2. The stacking station and sheet feeding are controlled by servomotor. 3. It adopts PLC control system, which makes the machine automatically working operation easily and convenient.

  • Plastic Thermoforming Cup Machine

    Plastic Thermoforming Cup Machine

    Main Features: 1. The sheet feeding chain could be driven by servo motor. The feeding length is more precise and it can be adjusted in parameter setting through touch screen. 2. The stretching of plug inside of up mould could be driven by servomotor. 3. The operation is controlled by PLC with touch screen. 4. Adopt four pillars to fix the mould. 5. Adopt hydraulic system to drive the movement of the mould. 6. Fill oil automatically to lubricate mechanism movement at certain time. 7. Temperature control modules to control each temperature area. 8. Machine production process started from sheet feeding, heating, stretching, forming and in-mould cutting in one stroke. 9. Machine frame adopts square steel, more stable and more serviceable. 10. Convenient operation, outstanding performance, low noise and high quality.

  • Plastic Vaccum Forming Machine

    Plastic Vaccum Forming Machine

    MAIN FEATURES: 1. Working stations forming more stable and more precision.
 2. Touch screen, PLC and servo motor adopt Siemens brand from Germany.
 3. Combination leading technology indoor with latest technology outddor.
 4. Delta PLC integrated control,touch screen digital display,easy to control.
 5. Vacuum pressure system of forming station--more efficient.
 6.Pneumatic and vacuum system contains vacuum pipe, vacuum pump, vacuum tank and vacuum angle   valves etc. 
7.This equipment was made up of structure,forming device,heating device,pneumatic control system and electric control system.
 8. Mould rapid change device ,easy maintenance.

  • Plastic Forming Equipment

    Plastic Forming Equipment

    Main features: high-efficiency programmable pneumatic thermoforming machine for plastics is an integrated design of gathering machine, electricity and gas, which is controlled by micro-computer and industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) with the latest international plastic sheet forming technology. The whole system is HMI (man-machine interface). Square tunnel type imported radiation heater, punch and concave die can be formed. Laser blade punching, heating, forming, punching, stacking are divided into four working stations. At the same time, advanced technology such as sheet feeding, heating, forming, punching, stacking is completed at one time. Reduce manual work, easy operation, improve production efficiency, reliability, high degree of automation, dedicated to hot forming and product automatic punching water Type production line.

  • Plastic Thermoforming Line

    Plastic Thermoforming Line

    Main Features: 1. High degree of automation and fast production speed. Different products can be produced by installing different moulds to achieve the purpose of multi-purpose. 2. Imported famous brand electrical and pneumatic components are adopted, which are stable in operation, reliable in quality and long in service life. 3. The whole machine is compact in structure. It integrates pressure, molding, cutting, cooling, and blow out of finished products into one mold, making the product process short, finished product grade high, and meeting the national hygienic standard. 4. The machine is suitable for the production of PP, PE, PET, HIPS, GPPS and other plastic sheet products. Thin-walled containers such as cups, boxes and bowls, such as milk cups, jelly cups, ice cream cups, disposable drinking cups, instant noodle bowls, fast food boxes, etc.

  • Plastic Thermoforming Equipment

    Plastic Thermoforming Equipment

    Main Features: 1. Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical integration. Each action procedure is controlled by PLC. Touch screen operation, simple and convenient. 2. Positive and negative pressure forming. 3. Upper and lower moulding methods. 4. Servo feeder, stepless length adjustment, high speed, accuracy and stability. 5. Four sections of the upper electric heating furnace are heated, and three sections of the lower electric heating furnace are heated. 6. Preheating device for sheet chain edge to reduce sheet breakage. 7. Temperature control system of electric heating furnace adopts full-computer intelligent automatic compensation control, zoning-one control-one digital input of man-machine interface, with high fine-tuning accuracy, uniform temperature, fast temperature rise (only 3 minutes from 0-400 degrees), stable (not affected by external voltage, temperature fluctuation does not exceed 1 degree), low energy consumption (energy saving 15%). About), long service life of the furnace plate and other advantages.

  • Disposal Cup Thermoforming Machine

    Disposal Cup Thermoforming Machine

    Main Features: 1. Fully servo driven machine.no noise,no vibration,forming good and fast. 2. Furnaces automatic removal device.can be turned down at any time during production without breaking the sheet,reaching without wasting materials;  3. Electric furnace temperature control system uses intelligent automatic compensation control,a control.a control of a regulator,easy to adjust the temperature uniformity,easy to use,simple,fast heating,low temperature three times up and down the oven roast slices. 4. Forming,cutting die servo-driven,two-way adjustable for upper and lower mold stroke;

  • Automatic Thermoforming Machinery

    Automatic Thermoforming Machinery

    Main Features: 1.There are two ways of product downward stacking and manipulator stacking, which can be switched as needed. 2. It has the function of memory of product data and parameter files. 3. Rapid die changing system greatly improves work efficiency. 4. The width of the feeder chain rail can be adjusted synchronously or separately. 5. Automatic removal device of electric heating furnace. 6. Mechanical feeding coil device to reduce labor intensity of workers.

  • Cup Thermoforming And Stacking Machine

    Cup Thermoforming And Stacking Machine

    Main Features: 1. Stable operation. 2. Low noise. 3. Strong mold locking ability . 4. High quality. 5. Mainly consists of formed machine, material racks, material receiving machine and electrically controlled screen 
 6. Completely automatic
. 7. High production speed 
. 8. Different products can be produced with different molds
. 9. Uses imported electric and pneumatic fittings under famous brands
. 10. Reliable quality.

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