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PVC Thermoforming Sheet Extrusion Machine

Brand :Champion

Product origin :Shanghai

Delivery time :3-4 months

Supply capacity :10 lines per month

This line is specially used for producing PP/PE/PS/ABS/PVC single layer or multi-layer sheet or plate, suitable in the fields of packaging, stationery, chemicals, construction, household appliances and so on.
Extruder: Special screw structure, imported world-known thermo-controllers, electronics, hard gear face reducers to ensure high effective material extrusion capacity.
T -type die head: Suitable compression ratio to ensure uniform flow stability.
Three-roller calendar: According to the material properties, adopting vertical three-roller, oblique three-roller, horizontal three-roller calendar. Internal roller temperature control using a unique flow channel, so that the stability of uniform distribution roller. The independent oil temperature control for three rollers to ensure more stable and exact control.
Cooling frame: According to product specifications, configurations with different specifications of the stainless steel cooling roller.
Edge-cutting devices: Trimming can be divided into manual and automatic, three-dimensional configuration tool adjustment device, width adjustable.
Cut off machine: Saw cutting or knife cutting, thin type, and non-friable type sheet generally usually knife cut, adopted high-quality alloy cutting tools, sharp and durable.

PVC Thermoforming Sheet Extrusion Machine:

thermoforming sheet extrusion machine

General Conditions of Machine:

Power supply:380V /3 phase/ 50 Hz

Raw Material:

PVC,PS,PP flakes 

Sheet thickness:

0.2mm-2.0mm(PS); 0.3-2.0mm(PP)

Net width of sheet:


Layer structure of sheet:


Extruding capacity:

400-500kg/h(PS), 300-400kg/h(PP)

Install/consumption of power:  


Compressed air:

1M3 / h, 0.6—0.9Mpa

Cooling water:

12M3 / h; 25℃

Machine size:

L22M X W5M X H3M

Machine weight:

About 28 tons


Three 40’-HQ

Control Method:

Siemens PLC 12" (touch screen Monitor)

Applications of Sheet Made by Machine:

VC Foam Board/Sheet/WPC Flooring Board Extruder Machine is widely used in many different lines for various application, such as 

1. Construction industry:
Building formwork board, outdoor board, indoor decoration board, residential house board, office board, separation wall of a public building,commercial decoration frame, the board used in dust-free room.
2. Furniture and Household decoration: Bathroom cabinet board, kitchen cabinet board, furniture board, home decoration board.
3. Advertisement industry: Screen printing, computer engraving, advertisement board, exhibition plate, logo plate.
4. Transportation industry: Ship, plane, bus, and train, floor covering, the core layer, indoors decoration plate.
5. Industrial application: Suitable for the rot-proof project in the chemical industry, thermal forming, refrigeration warehouse.


sheet extrusion machinePVC thermoforming sheet extrusion machine

thermoforming sheet extrusion machine

Factory of Sheet / Board Extrusion Machines:

sheet extrusion machine PVC thermoforming sheet extrusion machine

thermoforming sheet extrusion machine sheet extrusion machine

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