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PVC Foam Sheet Extruder

Brand :Champion

Product origin :Shanghai

Delivery time :3-4 months

Supply capacity :10 lines per month

PVC WPC Foam board extruding line
PVC WPC foam sheet/board is becoming the substitution of wood in many fields such as furniture, AD and Decoration etc. and be accepted by more and more people now. The main material is PVC and wood powder. So it covers not only features of wood, but also has its own features, for instance: very light and can be printed, engraved easily.

1. Ceiling of car and train carriage etc.
2. Internal decoration and external building wall. Office, living house decoration.
3. Exhibition desk, Shelve in supermarket
4. Advertisement Board and sign board
5. The advertisement sheet for printing, engraving, cutting, sawing
6. Architectural decoration and upholstery
7. Decoration for partition wall and shop windows

1, light weight, good tenacity, high rigidity, easy for transportation
2, fireproof and moisture proof, mildew proof
3, good insulation
4, good plasticity, excellent thermoform material, anti-chemical corrosion
5, easily to processed: Nailing, cutting, sawing, welding, hole-drilling, Channeling
6, sub-light surface and elegant vision
8, suitable to silk screen printing
9, long using life, unfading and anti-aging

Thickness 1-30mm
Width 1220mm


Foam Sheet Extruder

General Conditions of Machine

Power supply:

380V /3 phase/ 50 Hz

Raw Material:

PVC/CaCO3/Processing Additives

Sheet thickness:

1-10 mm

Net width of sheet:


Layer structure of sheet:

1-layer /2-layer/3-layer

Extruding capacity:

400-500 kg/h

Install/consumption of power:


Compressed air:

1M3/h,  0.6—0.9Mpa

Cooling water:

12M3 / h;  25℃

Machine size:

L22M X W5M X H3M

Machine weight:

About 28 tons


Three 40’-HQ

Control Method:

Siemens PLC 12" (touch screen Monitor)

Applications of Sheet Made by Machine:

PVC foam sheet main applicated in furniture & office decoration,edge banding,thermoforming & packaging, external wall decoration, stationery, etc.  

PVC sheet extrusion machine PVC sheet extrusion line Foam Sheet Extruder

Factory of Sheet / Board Extrusion Machines:

PVC sheet extrusion machine PVC sheet extrusion line

Foam Sheet Extruder PVC sheet extrusion machine

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