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HDPE LDPE LLDPE Sheet Extrusion Machinery

Brand :Champion

Product origin :China(Shanghai)

Delivery time :3 months

Supply capacity :10 machines/month

Features of Machine:
1. Screw apply special design of mixing and plasticization funtion.
2. Coat hanger type die withtwo throttle design enalble to regulate the sheet thickness accurately.
3. Sheet thicknes shall be regulated by screw and pressing roller.
4. Separete roller temperature control system can make even sheet thickness.
5. Winder withbig torque motor, regulate its speed and tension force.
6. Automatic metering device can pre-set the length of product.

HDPE LDPE LLDPE Sheet Extrusion Machinery:

Sheet Extrusion Machinery

  Power supply:

380V /3 phase/ 50 Hz

  Raw Material:


  Sheet thickness:


  Net width of sheet:


  Layer structure of sheet:


  Extruding capacity:

450kg/h 500kg/h 700kg/h

  Install/consumption of power: 


  Compressed air:

1M3 / h, 0.6—0.9Mpa

  Cooling water:

12M3 / h; 25℃

  Machine size:

L22M X W5M X H3M

  Machine weight:

About 28 tons


Three 40’-HQ

  Control Method:

Siemens PLC 12" (touch screen Monitor)

General Conditions of Machine:

Polyethylene (HDPE) drainage membrane against the application as follows: 

Garden Project: garage roof greening, roof garden, green roof, soccer fields, golf courses, beach projects.
Municipal engineering: road embankment, subway tunnels.
Construction: building the basis of the upper or lower, basement and outside walls, roof and insulation and other impervious.
Traffic Engineering: roads, railway embankment, embankment and slope protection layer.
The final HDPE sheet is a dimpled plastic sheet that can be used in various waterproofing applications. The dimpled nubs create a vapour and thermal insulation barrier for both internal walls and walls that are adjacent to waterproofing membranes, while also protecting the waterproofing membrane from the backfill in underground structures.
The Drainage Sheets offer protection against any dampness in ground slabs and also create a cavity control layer, while The integrated non-woven geotextile covering the nubs prevents soil particles blocking the drainage sheet, creates an air gap for reliable ventilation and allows inflow and transport of water from surrounding soil.

Multi-layer barrier PE extrusion production line Sheet Extrusion Machinery

Factory of Sheet / Board Extrusion Machines:

Multi-layer barrier PE extrusion production line

Sheet Extrusion Machinery Multi-layer barrier

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