• Single Screw PS PVC Plastic Sheet Extrusora Extruder Machine

    Single Screw PS PVC Plastic Sheet Extrusora Extruder Machine

    1. The PVC Plastic Sheet Extrusion lines have the advantages of well-planned layout, compact in structure, fine in performance such as homogenous plasticization, high output, and long service life. 2. The screws and barrels are made of special alloy and the structure are optimized. 3. Exchanging screen rapidly about 1.5 seconds every time, the screen changer unit doesn't need the downtime. 4. The cutting unit can guarantee the precise measurements through the adjustment of length and width, the error of products diagonal<3mm, the using range of products is wide. 5. The extrusion line can adopt one, two, three extruders together to do one layer, many layers plastic sheet. 6. The electric control system utilizes imported frequency converter, its safe and reliable.The lines are suit for PP,PE,PC,PS,ABS,PVC,PMMA,PET,HIPS etc.

  • PC UV Plastic Corrugation Sheet Extrusion

    PC UV Plastic Corrugation Sheet Extrusion

    Plastic PC Corrugated Sheet Production Extrusion Line Introduction: When PC is introduced into production of wave board, our company developed this PC Wave Board Production Line following the market tendency. The PC Board Production Line is different from other similar models, and the single screw extruder in the line is newly improved to enhance its performance. PC Wave Roofing Tile has advantage of corrosion-resistant, anti-UV, easy processing , light weight and low cost. It is widely used in industrial and mining plants, workshops, warehouses, sheds and shelter, farming sheds, shed construction, and special coastal environment, chemical plants PC Wave Roofing Tile Extrusion Line is comprised by a single or twin conical screw extruders and corresponding wave plate forming machine, cutting machine, edge trimming machine, etc. If replacing the relevant components, this line also can produce the PVC transparent wave plate, PP wave panel, chequer plank,PVC,UPVC sheet, 3-layer co-extrusion color PC, PP, PVC wave plate.

  • Making PC Board Extrusion Machinery

    Making PC Board Extrusion Machinery

    Why choose us: 1. Specified screw design and material application   2. Speedy cooling forming die supports the extrusion line with faster linear speed and higher efficiency; 3. Intelligent PLC controlling system with human-friendly interface make the operation easily and conveniently. 4. Ability to provide the customized plastic extrusion solutions. 5. Turn-key solution provided include plant layout and design, formula, production support. 6. Super extend sales guarantee for all our extrusion machinery:12 months since the extrusion machine left supplier plant. 7. Competitive price for all our extrusion machines to meet customer demand.

  • Automatic PE PS Sheet Extrusion Line

    Automatic PE PS Sheet Extrusion Line

    PP、PE、PS、ABS、PVC Sheet Extrusion Line: This equipment is applicable to produce PE.PP.PMMA.PVC mono and multi-layer for building material, decorative and antiseptic, etc. Board roaming The products is used widely for refrigerator, air conditioner, car decorations and advertisement, building, environment protect, chemical, etc, field. The screw was designed by special mixed material and high plastify, so that flux plastic, color, high output. Temperature control±1, it will exactly control plastify process, it will exactly control plastify proess, sheet thickness. Forming roller platform adopts vertical or 45-degree inclined collocation, which can lift up and down, it supplies more options in operation for producing thick board thin board, and enhance the quality of the board. Forming roller loop cooling system, matching with a mold temperature controller to control temperature, which ensures the enen thickness of a board. Shearer can precisely cut the board. Winder device, which adopts high-grade torque motor, matching with four-axis automatic tension control, which can adjust speed and winding tension to get even surface for the thin board, also with slitting device can set the width of the product as want, we fix automatic meter counter which can set the length of the product.

  • HDPE LDPE LLDPE Sheet Extrusion Machine

    HDPE LDPE LLDPE Sheet Extrusion Machine

    1. Well made high quality extruder with special structure helical gear reducer and high efficiency converter motors, high output capacity; 2. High precise T-type extrusion die head, independent oil temperature control chromed 3-roller calender, uniform speed and high traction force NBR roller haul-off machine help making uniform thickness PP PE sheet; 3. Whole line with high degree of automation, easy to operate; 4. High quality steel materials, strict producing process make high quality line; 5. New energy saving technology, lowered energy consumption; 6. Whole line adopt advanced design concept, using well known brand electrical components, enhanced line stability.

  • PC Corrugation Plastic Sheet Extrusion

    PC Corrugation Plastic Sheet Extrusion

    1. Our corrugated sheet making machine has High capacity. 2. Energy saving: 20% energy saving than normal machines. 3. Four self-designed major core technology of sheet extruder: extrusion system, die, roller, distributor. They are all invented and designed by ourselves. The core technology has many testing points and adopts electrical integration of double protection. 4. The operation fully reflects the man-machine engineering principle, it can make the function more entirely and the operation more simple. 5. Only the tablet machine independently walking, avoid the interference from other power to influence the stability of the tabletting sheet. 6. The plasticizing effect of the sheet is very good. After the sheet formed and walking in curved line, it can make sure the stability of the sheet stock. 7. The heating system is controlled by high-grade china heater, stainless heater, inner-storing type single heating pipe and precision temperature-controlling die mould, is exact in controlling temperature, quickly in heating, good in keeping temperature, long life and save time and energy. 8. Our pastry sheet making machine extrusion system adopt Japan Sanken frequency conversion motor with close loop which has the quick reaction, large torque, anti-interference and accurate feedback signal. The stability reaches the international standards. 9. The pressure sensor adopts US Dynisco which has the feature that accurate feedback about the pressure, anti-interference and high precision

  • PVC Thermoforming Sheet Extrusion Machine

    PVC Thermoforming Sheet Extrusion Machine

    This line is specially used for producing PP/PE/PS/ABS/PVC single layer or multi-layer sheet or plate, suitable in the fields of packaging, stationery, chemicals, construction, household appliances and so on. Extruder: Special screw structure, imported world-known thermo-controllers, electronics, hard gear face reducers to ensure high effective material extrusion capacity. T -type die head: Suitable compression ratio to ensure uniform flow stability. Three-roller calendar: According to the material properties, adopting vertical three-roller, oblique three-roller, horizontal three-roller calendar. Internal roller temperature control using a unique flow channel, so that the stability of uniform distribution roller. The independent oil temperature control for three rollers to ensure more stable and exact control. Cooling frame: According to product specifications, configurations with different specifications of the stainless steel cooling roller. Edge-cutting devices: Trimming can be divided into manual and automatic, three-dimensional configuration tool adjustment device, width adjustable. Cut off machine: Saw cutting or knife cutting, thin type, and non-friable type sheet generally usually knife cut, adopted high-quality alloy cutting tools, sharp and durable.

  • Plastic Sheet Extrusion Equipment

    Plastic Sheet Extrusion Equipment

    Outstanding Features: 1. Extrusion line screw was been designed into excellent in plastic melting and max output meanwhile. 2. The 3 sets roller has good cooling performance as its inside structure designed into the special internal cross system. 3. The 3 sets roller is driven by 3 independent motors, it's easier to control and better to manufacture plastic sheet of various thickness. 4. The 3 sets roller surface temperature is uniform as it is mirror polished, because of this, the plastic sheet could be bright and clean in surface and uniform in thickness.

  • PP PS Sheet Equipment

    PP PS Sheet Equipment

    Monolayer & Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion Systems for up to 5 layers. Versatile & reliable downstream equipment. Complete Sheet Extrusion Line with extruders from 55-250mm. Processing Capabilities: ABS, PE, PP, HI/PS, PET, PC, PMMA and other thermoplastic materials.

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