• PC UV Plastic Sheet Extruder

    PC UV Plastic Sheet Extruder

    PC sunshine board/solid sheet application: Skylight office buildings, halls, shopping malls, stadiums, utilities. Station, parking lot, gazebo, lounge corridor canopy, highway and urban elevated road noise barriers. Applications Hollow board is mainly used in electronics, packaging, machinery, light industry, postal services, food, medicine, pesticides, household appliances, advertising, decoration, stationery, magneto-optical technology, bio-engineering and other medical and health industries. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials.

  • PE Water-Drainage Sheet Extrusion Line

    PE Water-Drainage Sheet Extrusion Line

    Features of PE HDPE water drainage sheet extrusion line: 1. Can production of many colors and many series of dimpled drainage membrane. 2. Complete automation machine to save the time and labor. 3. Different molds to produce different size dimpled drainage membrane, the dimple's height can be 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or according your require. 4. Specially designed roller to ensure the precise thickness of the dimpled membrane, that to reduce the wasting raw material.

  • Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line

    Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line

    Feature: 1. PP PE PS ABS sheet extrusion machine is used for producing PP/PE/PS/ABS single layer or multi-layer sheet or plate, suitable in the fields of packaging, stationery, chemicals, construction, household appliance, decoration and so on. 2. Screw and screen changer are made of high quality alloyed steel (38CrMOAlA) with nitriding treatment. 3. Full-Auto continues belt-type screen changer without extrusion machine stop. 4. Calendar designed with double water circulation and cooling system. 5. 360° Double station rewinder.

  • PVC Foam Sheet Extruder

    PVC Foam Sheet Extruder

    PVC WPC Foam board extruding line Introduction: PVC WPC foam sheet/board is becoming the substitution of wood in many fields such as furniture, AD and Decoration etc. and be accepted by more and more people now. The main material is PVC and wood powder. So it covers not only features of wood, but also has its own features, for instance: very light and can be printed, engraved easily. Applications: 1. Ceiling of car and train carriage etc. 2. Internal decoration and external building wall. Office, living house decoration. 3. Exhibition desk, Shelve in supermarket 4. Advertisement Board and sign board 5. The advertisement sheet for printing, engraving, cutting, sawing 6. Architectural decoration and upholstery 7. Decoration for partition wall and shop windows Features: 1, light weight, good tenacity, high rigidity, easy for transportation 2, fireproof and moisture proof, mildew proof 3, good insulation 4, good plasticity, excellent thermoform material, anti-chemical corrosion 5, easily to processed: Nailing, cutting, sawing, welding, hole-drilling, Channeling 6, sub-light surface and elegant vision 8, suitable to silk screen printing 9, long using life, unfading and anti-aging Specifications: Thickness 1-30mm Width 1220mm

  • Single Screw PMMA Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machinery

    Single Screw PMMA Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machinery

    1. This extrusion machine has advantages of tight, machine structure good specify and the screw and barrel all made in nitride alloy steel, could make the material plasticizer equal and have high output and long usage. 2. The screw is designed of special mixing function and high plasticization capacity. 3. PMMA sheet extrusion line includes many types of equipment, such as an extruder , screen changer and mould,three-roller calendaring machine, bracket of a cooling roller, landscape orientation cutting machine and the winder. 4. The accurate temperature control (±1°C) can precisely control the plasticization process, thickness and smoothness of the board. 5. This sheet extrusion line is equipped 45-degree three-roller calendar, with high performance vented extruder, die, screen change system, cooling rocket, haul-off unit, cutting unit and etc. 6. Sheet thickness can be regulated by screw and processing roller 7. Separated roller temperature control system to control the temperature of the processing roller to gain even sheet thickness. 8. Cutting machine can cut the sheet with accurate length and quantity. 9. The winding device uses big torque motor, can freely regulate the winding speed and tension. 10. Advanced hydraulic pressure, high-speed net changing fittings without stopping the machine. 11. Screw designed based on mixing plasticization function.

  • PE Water-Proof Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine

    PE Water-Proof Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine

    1. Quality Screw and barrel are nitrogen by 72 hours. 38 chromium materials, it is very hard. Copied from Taiwan. 2. Hard surface gearbox, life can be more 5 years. 3. Motor with CE standard, more 10 years life. Siemens brand. 4. Electric parts are SIEMENS, easy to operate and one worker can run 3 sets. 5. High speed die head double vent air ring.

  • Corrugated PC Extruder Machine

    Corrugated PC Extruder Machine

    1. Energy saving design. 2. Low consumption. 3. High capacity. 4. We can design machine as per costumers requirement give the best solution. 5. We are not only providing high quality machine with best service but also providing the market and solution. 6. Sales guarantee for all our extrusion machinery: 12 months since the extrusion machine left supplier plant. 7. Competitive price for all our machines to meet customer demand.

  • PP Hollow Construction Extruder

    PP Hollow Construction Extruder

    Description: 1. This PP/PE/PC Hollow Grid Sheet Extrusion line adopts RM series high-efficiency single screw extruder, installed with mould, through vacuum molding, and followed by five roller, three roller hauling-off units, and final product’s size can be varied by adjusting the cutter. 2. The Hollow Grid Sheet Extrusion Line is characterized by high output, precise dimension of finished product, easy operation, high automation, etc. 3. By replacing the calibration device, the line can produce HDPE/LDPE grid sheet and PP/PC transparent heat reservation grid sheet for the application in agriculture and construction. 4. Screw of special design, advanced temperature control system to ensure good plasticization and the high yield and stability of plastic extrusion. 5. Winder with big torque motor, and its speed and tension force adjustable 6. The selection of hydraulic quick changer device quickly and efficiently; duplex and special sealing structure to ensure the stable operation of changer. 7. Mould adopt the quality alloy steel with a high activity of the throttling device, material flow uniform pressure distribution in the die; the differential regulation of the upper and lower die to ensure that the upper and lower wall thickness uniformity. 8. Haul off machine use the large power, large reduction ratio, multi-roller excellent low speed performance, traction can simultaneously and evenly pull the plate from the vacuum shaping Taichung. The second haul off machine to handle stress. Equip with a side cutting device to ensure that the plate width and plate edge quality. Applications: Plastic PP/PE/PC hollow grid sheet production line have the advantages of well planned layout, compact in structure, fine in performance such as high output and long service life. The screws and barrels are made of special alloy and the structure is optimized. Exchanging screen rapidly about 1.5 seconds every times, the screen changer unit don't need the downtime. The cutting unit can guarantee the precise measurements through the adjustment of length and width, The lines are suit for PP, PE, PC etc. PP/PC transparent heat reservation grid sheet is for the application in agriculture and construction.

  • GPPS Mirror Sheet Plastic Extrusion Line

    GPPS Mirror Sheet Plastic Extrusion Line

    GPPS/PC/PMMA Acrylic Plastic Sheet Board Machine Extrusion Production Line: This extrusion line is specially used to produce the PMMA sheet, which is as clear as glass and has high impact resistance. So it is also called plexiglass and acrylic sheets. By changing the three rollers calendars, this line can also produce frosted sheets, embossed sheets and other sheets for different applications.

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